About Cecile Park Publishing

Cecile Park Publishing (CPP) is a publisher of legal journals established in 1999 with the launch of the breakthrough print and online journal, E-Commerce Law & Policy. We now publish a range of law journals and online information tools offering timely reporting and authoritative legal guidance on key growth areas.

Adept at identifying emerging business sectors with unique legal issues, our publications now include:

  • E-Commerce Law & Policy - specialising in the laws of e-commerce and online business
  • World Sports Law Report - in-depth analysis of sports law and sporting regulations
  • E-Commerce Law Reports - legal cases in e-commerce and online business
  • World Online Gambling Report - the specialist gaming and gambling law journal
  • E-Finance & Payments Law & Policy - focused on laws relating to the online payments, e-finance and banking industry
  • Data Protection Law & Policy - for data privacy and data protection professionals

DataGuidance was launched in 2007 and is the leading tool for data protection and data privacy compliance.

DataGuidance boasts the largest database of privacy legislation, official guidance and codes of practice in the world. Our easy-to-navigate site is constantly updated, and is enriched with in-depth guidance notes written by international privacy experts on key privacy issues across the globe.

Subscribers include Deutsche Bank, Boeing, American Express, CitiGroup, IBM, Oracle, Research in Motion, Mitsui Sumitomo and Lloyds Banking Group.

For more information on DataGuidance please visit: www.dataguidance.com

Cecile Park Conferences organise a range of high-level informative legal conferences and workshops.
Our events address hot topics relating to data protection, sport, online gambling, e-finance and e-commerce.

The strength of our events can be attributed to our distinctive team consisting of:

  • A renowned in-house editorial team at the forefront of industry and legal developments
  • A stellar editorial board unique to each journal
  • A vast network of industry and legal contacts
  • A range of world-class hosting partners and;
  • Experienced legal conference producers and coordinators.

Cecile Park Conferences are high-level gatherings of industry and legal professionals seeking incisive, up-to-the minute information on these key areas.

For more information on our conferences, please visit: www.cecileparkconferences.com