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Data Protection Law & Policy

Current Issue (April 2015)

Volume: 12 Issue: 4



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About Data Protection Law & Policy:

The monthly law journal which covers all aspects of data protection and data privacy: data transfer & outsourcing, marketing and e-marketing, freedom of information (FOI), employee monitoring, privacy compliance, online data acquisition and consent, personal data, website compliance and emerging technologies such as behavioural advertising, cloud computing and smart grids. / read more

One of us


Losing a good friend is a sad and numbing experience, and Lindsey Greig's passing fits squarely in that description. Many of us who have been involved in privacy and data protection for some time and knew Lindsey, can hardly come to terms with the fact that the ever-energetic and jovial Lindsey has now left us. His contribution is still so alive and visible, that it is difficult to comprehend that he is no longer around us. Fortunately for all, there are many great memories that remain from his time with us and I thought that it would be appropriate to remember some of them in this journal that he and I founded over 11 years ago.

I first met Lindsey when I was a young lawyer in the late nineties. Those were the early days of the internet as we know it and Lindsey's insights of the legal and publishing world were all he needed to trigger his entrepreneurial mind and make something wonderful happen. The decision to launch a new journal was obvious and E-Commerce Law & Policy immediately became the go-to publication for any anyone interested in the legal implications of that early internet. Experienced and not-so-experienced lawyers (like me), were keen to contribute to this new ground breaking journal. My youthful interest in technology-driven legal developments was more than matched by Lindsey's vision to cover the fascinating revolution we were going through. As intimidating as I found the atmosphere at our usual hangout - El Vino in Fleet Street - our discussions were always a source of inspiration. This was in fact, one of the most visible qualities of Lindsey: he was nonchalantly inspirational.


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