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Online Gambling Lawyer

Volume: 2 Issue: 9
( 2003)


World Sports Law Report is launched this month by Cecile Park Publishing Ltd, the publishers of World Online Gambling Law Report. “The launch of World Sports Law Report comes at a challenging time for sports business,” said Managing Editor Lindsey Greig. / read more

Two recent cases in the US are indicative of the hardening attitude at both State and Federal level to online gambling. In the first case a US attorney was sentenced to five years in prison for his role in a Cauraco based offshore gambling operation, Gold Medal Sports, and for devising schemes to transfer money from the operations to its Wisconsin and Las Vegas based owners. The company was claimed to have taken $402 million in sports bets between 1996 and the first quarter of 2000. / read more

Antigua and Barbuda’s complaint to the WTO that it has been unable to secure access to the US’s gambling market through electronic means has attracted interest from several jurisdictions including the EU, Canada, Japan, Mexico and Taiwan who will seek to intervene in the case as third parties. / read more


Two recent cases in the US have caused consternation in the online gambling world. This article examines the facts behind the sentencing of an attorney to five years in prison for his role in the structuring of an offshore gaming site and the prosecution of a North Dakota man for gambling online. The article considers the implications of these decisions / read more

In the second part of a series on the draft UK Gambling Bill, this article looks at the powers and role of the Gambling Commission which will be established by the Bill. / read more

Back in February’s edition of World Online Gambling Law Report we wrote about the data protection and related issues facing bookmakers and person-to-person operators when they are asked to reveal customer details following investigations into potential race-fixing.

Betting operators realise that they have an important role and indeed a vested interest in helping to clean up the image of horse racing. The sport’s reputation has recently been damaged, in particular by recent media coverage such as the Panorama broadcast ‘The Corruption of Racing’ and a Kenyon Confronts programme called ‘They Stop Horses Don’t They?’. The arrival of person-to-person betting exchanges where one can effectively bet on a horse to lose, has inevitably increased the focus on race-fixing and so-called ‘non-triers’.

In this article, we look at how several recent developments involving the Jockey Club will affect betting operators, particularly online operators. / read more

Site scraping is not a form of ophthalmic surgery but rather a search and rescue process for information published on the internet. Although arguably no less painful for the website in question, it is as much a part of the world wide web as deep-linking and, legally speaking, equally unresolved. This article looks at the issues surrounding this controversial activity. / read more

In the world of regulated online gaming, there is considerable discussion about two different approaches to the testing of gaming software. While it may seem an arcane subject, this is critically important to software developers, site operators, regulators and ultimately, to the players.

This article argues the case for an advanced form of output-based testing termed Total Gaming Transaction Review. / read more

Sometime ago I wrote two articles (see World Online Gambling Law Report October & November 2002) about testing, the main premise of which was to communicate why ‘outcome based testing’ did not meet the certification requirements of well-regulated Interactive gaming jurisdictions. Since then we have seen the formation of eCOGRA, an allegedly independent organisation proposing a Total Gaming Transaction Review (“TGTR”) approach that is in fact no different to the outcome based testing approach that led me to write my articles. This article reviews the arguments for TGTR. / read more

About Online Gambling Lawyer

The monthly publication exploring legal issues affecting operators in online gambling and gaming, on a global basis. Topics covered included licensing, offshore operators, mobile gaming, gambling payments, fixture lists and database rights, online poker, social gaming and gambling, online liquidity, advertising, sports betting, in-play betting, eSports, fantasy sports (DFS), Bitcoin gambling, and gambling fraud, as well as in-depth discussion of legislation such as the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive and the US Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA)... / read more

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