Monday, May 21, 2007

New G-14 President Aulas Confirms Expansion

At its general assembly, held in Glasgow on 16 May, the ‘G-14’ group of 18 of Europe’s most powerful football clubs, appointed Olympique Lyonnais President Jean-Michel Aulas to replace David Dein as G-14 President, following his departure as Vice-Chairman of Arsenal on 18 April.

Aulas immediately prompted suggestions that the organisation should change its name. “We need to work on the details”, he said of the G-14’s expansion. “There is no exact figure, but we are thinking of at least 10 more clubs, if not 12 or 14 or 16. Admission will be based on sporting performances and geographical consideration”.

However, the addition of four clubs in 2002 to the original 14 that formed the organisation in 2000 did not prompt a change, and perhaps the numerically inaccurate name will continue to stick.

One thing is certain - Aulas’ statement will set the conspiracy theorists within the football federations whispering about the renewed possibility of a European super league, first suggested by Media Partners almost ten years ago, back in 1998.

 Andy Brown


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