Thursday, September 06, 2007

Reuters Suspends Coverage of Rugby World Cup

News organisation Reuters has suspended coverage of the Rugby World Cup 2007 due to media restrictions imposed by the International Rugby Board (IRB), after issues over use of photographs online and audio-visual content failed to be resolved before the tournament’s 7 September kick-off.

‘Reuters is suspending coverage of all pre-tournament events and training sessions of the Rugby World Cup 2007, across text, pictures and TV’, read a statement from Monique Villa, Managing Director Media, Reuters. ‘Amid growing confusion and uncertainty over reporting terms, and the IRB’s unwillingness to engage with us to resolve the dispute over accreditation terms, Reuters is unable to continue the coverage as planned. Reuters would like to resume coverage…however, freedom of the press and our editorial integrity…must be respected’.

For further details, see the September edition of World Sports Law Report, soon to be published here.

 Andy Brown


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