Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Results of FIG’s He Kexin age investigation by Monday

The Fédération Internationale Gymnastique (FIG) will announce the results of its investigation into the age of Chinese gymnast He Kexin’s (何可欣) age “in the next three to four days”, said an FIG spokesperson. “The difficulty has been in securing documents requested from the Chinese authorities”.

Kexin won a gold medal in both the women’s Uneven Bars and Team events at Beijing 2008, however a computer security expert uncovered a search engine cache of a document removed from the General Administration of Sport of China government website, which suggested that Kexin’s age is 14 – below the FIG minimum of 16 for artistic gymnastics. World Sports Law Report has a copy of the search engine cache, which has since been removed.

The FIG is in charge of eligibility for the Olympics rather than the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and so must decide on sanctions.

Andy Brown



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