Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekly Twitter Update

Premier Rugby is to bring in new injury checks following the discovery that Harlequins faked a blood injury.

The BHA has dismissed an appeal from trainer Karl Burke against a 1yr ban for alleged race fixing.

IRB extended a 3yr ban on Harlequins officials from ERC competitons to all rugby union, for faking a blood injury.

Australia alerted the ICC that a player was approached during The Ashes by a man suspected of illegal bookmaking.

Six Australian Celtic Crusaders rugby league players are to be deported for breaching immigration rules.

The IAAF has asked new womens 800m champion Caster Semenya to take a gender test.

Bath duo appeal against nine month ban for avoiding drug tests under employment contracts outside of WADA's remit.

Wenger: European league in 10 years, "especially if the rules become too restrictive for these clubs". 6+5 anyone?

Harlequins' coach Dean Richards was banned by the ERC for three years due to his part in faking a blood injury.

The European Rugby Cup is to decide on Harlequins' future in the cup today, after the team faked a blood injury.


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