Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekly Twitter Update: September 14-18

  1. Athletics South Africa has launched an inquiry into the Caster Semenya affair. Press release @
  2. Nigeria rejects FIFA-approved MRI bone scans to verify player ages for U17 World Cup. BBC report @
  3. Renault's F1 team has decided not to contest charges of engineering a crash at the Singapore GP. Press release @
  4. The Premier League will introduce a squad cap of 25 and a home grown players quota from next season. Press release @
  5. The Premier League has announced new financial rules for its clubs. Press release @
  6. UEFA has appointed Jean-Luc Dehaene as Chairman of its new Club Financial Control Panel. Press release @
  7. The IAAF will not make a final decision on Caster Semenya until the IAAF Council on 20/21 November. Press release @
  8. The NFL violated Minnesota drug laws by suspending players for a banned substance found in a weight-loss supplement.
  9. The Professional Players Federation is running its 1st ever National Conference, read more at or Twitter: ppfconference

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